Your Brand Journey //
Your Brand Journey banner shows a winding road with key points along the way including researching, identifying targets, signposts and support to reach your goals.

Your Brand Journey is all about exploring your business, putting your story and vision into your branding! 

If you're here because you want to grow and improve your business with top-notch branding, completely personalised to you and your business needs, then you're in the right place! If you're here for a quick win, and overnight sales, then we're probably not for you! 


Your Brand Journey, is exactly that, a journey of discovering exactly what it is that makes your business unique! What makes your customers or clients feel the need to spend their hard-earned money with you rather than your competitors? We'll work together to really understand the story behind your business, looking at your vision and values, going in depth to explore your ideal customer or client.


We'll use all of this information to help put together your brand strategy document, then create your brand identity and all the key visuals. This will be tailored to your exact needs and requirements and as we go through the process you can choose to include any physical products from our range that you feel are suitable for you, your business and your customers! 



 As part of your discovery call, we'll discuss your business and what will work best in terms of digital designs and designs for physical products, and after your discovery call, we'll put together an overview of exactly what will be included in your core package.


You’ll also get a 15% discount code to use on any physical products you’d like to add to your order! This is where you get to completely tailor Your Brand Journey in whatever direction suits you and your budget. Product based businesses may opt to include printed business cards, information cards, stickers and other packaging supplies, however online only businesses working with people all over the world, might not have a use for printed business cards, but what about a branded mug or a sweatshirt for you to be recognisable in your reels, on your stories and during your zoom calls! 


By creating a bespoke package, tailored to your business and the needs of your clients, you get the best combination of digital and physical products that your business needs! 




What is involved?

Week One & Two

Your Brand Journey Discovery Call.

Brand strategy exploration and planning – chance to adjust ideas after a seeing a breakdown of ideas that we discuss in your discovery call.

Brand strategy Call – we’ll go through the details of your brand strategy.


Week Three & Four

Brand Strategy finalised and document completed.

Brand identity exploration and planning booklet - we’ll partially complete this using ideas generated during your discovery call and considering your new brand strategy.

Brand identity check ins – chance for you to feedback your thoughts and ideas on your brand visuals, suggesting any changes you’d like making to colours, designs, layouts etc.


Week Five & Six

Final check in for any last-minute adjustments

Brand identity document finalised and completed.

All brand visuals* finalised and shared in full.

Add on designs/products to be approved and created.



What do you get?

Completed Brand Strategy Document

Completed Brand Identity Document

Brand Visuals (including complete logo suite, and all relevant social platform/digital/stationery/clothing/merchandise designs)

A 15% discount code for any physical printed products you’d like to order

Total Price: £395

(Brand Visuals will always be completely relevant to your business and will be discussed during your discovery call)

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